interj Archaic

1. many thanks
2. an expression of surprise, wonder, etc.
[from Old French grand merci great thanks]

We thank you for keeping our doors open since 1990 when so many enormously talented artists, designers and brilliant entrepreneurs have had to look for gainful employment in place other than retail.

Our gramercy program is very simple. We have a team of elves hunched over an abacus, calculating your gramercies. Once you reach $500 in purchases on non-sale items we will send you a $25 gift certificate that is good on any sale for 90 days. When checking out, simply enter the code sent to you and by magic and modern technology, you will receive your discount. This only works within 90 days. After that it disappears into the great beyond of cyber space never to be seen again.
Please don’t leave money on the table. Redeem your gramercy within 90 days before it disappears.

Once again, we thank you.